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Lobbs Own Grass Fed Lamb - Rack of Lamb French Trimmed


Price per kg: £31.71

Rack of lamb is one of the more expensive cuts of lamb and is, appropriately, also known as the 'best end'. Good for quick roasting, it is a very popular and attractive cut taken from the lamb ribs. The meat is tender and melt in the mouth with a light and delicate flavour. A full rack of lamb will usually contain 7 ribs with each cutlet being an individual rib steak, but racks are often sold as 3 or 4 rib sections.

Approximate weight for a 3-rib rack is 230g (8.1oz), a 4-rib rack 320g (11.3oz) and a 7-rib rack 550g (1.2lb).

From our own 100% home reared, grass fed Poll Dorset flock.

Cooking / Recipes

For help on cooking temperatures and timings, have a look at the BBC How To Cook Lamb page or their Rack of Lamb Recipes.

For something simple but special, you might like Rick Stein's 'Roast Rack of Lamb with Crushed Potatoes and Slowly Caramelized Garlic' on The Happy Foodie recipes site.