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Lobbs Own Grass Fed Lamb - Leg of Lamb - Bone In


Price per kg: £23.11

An absolute favourite for the Sunday roast. Succulent, tender and delcious. Available as a whole leg, or as either the fillet or shank halves, depending on the number of servings required. This is a classic joint for oven roasting but it cooks amazingly well on a barbecue too.

From our own 100% home reared, grass fed Poll Dorset flock.

Please Note: Our skilled butchery team will endeavour to fulfil your order as close to your chosen weight as possible but you will always receive your selected weight as a minimum.

Cooking / Recipes

For help on cooking temperatures and timings, have a look at the BBC Roast Calculator page.

For further inspiration, try the BBC How To Cook Lamb page.

For a selection of roast lamb recipes, try The Happy Foodie Roast Lamb collection.