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Lobbs Own Grass Fed Beef - Skirt


Price per kg: £18.81

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Beef Skirt (known also as ‘Flank Steak’ or by the French term ‘Bavette’) is the cut traditionally used for Cornish pasties and is found by the lower belly and ribs of the animal. It has no gristle and little fat and has the advantage of cooking in the same amount of time as the raw vegetables used within the pasty case itself. The juices from beef skirt make a fantastic gravy, adding beautifully to the flavour of the pasty.

Skirt is full of flavour but can be quite tough, so it needs careful cooking. Outside of its use in the Cornish pasty, skirt either needs to be cooked very quickly in a pan (flash frying) or very slowly in liquid. Skirt steaks are frequently used Mexican dishes as they can take on punchy marinade flavours such as chilli and lime and so are also well suited to barbecuing. When served on their own, skirt steaks should be sliced against the grain and cooked over as high a heat as possible, which avoids toughening the meat.

From our own 100% home reared, grass fed South Devon beef herd.

Please Note: Our skilled butchery team will endeavour to fulfil your order as close to your chosen weight as possible but you will always receive your selected weight as a minimum.

Cooking / Recipes

For some recipe suggestions you could try the BBC Good Food Skirt Steak Recipes or Cornish Pasty Association's own 'Genuine Cornish Pasty' recipe, which even has a guide to crimping the edges of the pastry!