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Knightor Winery - Mena Hweg 2020 75cl


Knightor Winery's Mena Hweg (which translates from the Cornish as Sweet or Pretty Hill) is a semi sweet dessert wine inspired by some of the great wines of the Mosel. Think German Riesling. The Bacchus grapes are pressed gently, then cool fermented. Before fully fermented the tank is chilled right down, stopping the ferment and resulting in a semi sweet wine, with lower alcohol. The character is aromatic and sweet with aromas of Primrose, Jasmin and Elderflower with flavours of lemon sherbet and Elderflower. Mena Hweg can be enjoyed as an aperatif or paired with savoury foods that are not too spicy and desserts that are not too sweet.

8% vol

Knightor Winery itself is located close to the Cornish village of Trethurgy, to the north of St Austell.

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