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Lobbs Own Grass Fed Beef - Rib Eye Steak


Price per kg: £40.85

The Rib Eye, also known as a scotch fillet or entrecôte steak, is a large, tender steak taken from just above the ribs. As these muscles do not do much work, the steak is very tender with a rich, beefy flavour. The ‘eye’ refers to the area of fat within the steak and the whole cut is marbled with fat throughout the muscle, which deepens the flavour and which needs to be rendered down in cooking. This cut benefits from being cooked to at least ‘medium’, which gives the fat time to render down and flavour the meat.

From our own 100% home reared, grass fed South Devon beef herd.

Please Note: Our skilled butchery team will endeavour to fulfil your order as close to your chosen weight as possible but you will always receive your selected weight as a minimum.

Cooking / Recipes

For help on cooking temperatures and timings, have a look at the BBC Good Food 'How to Cook Steak' page or their 'Rib Eye Steak Glossary'.