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Wrecking Coast Distillery - 8 Year Old Rye Whiskey - Bourbon Barrel Finish 70cl


This is a variant on The Wrecking Coast Distillery's Sherry Cask Finish Whiskey, which is now out of stock.

The current version takes things a little further within the ageing process. Having spent time developing its spicy and fruity character in a sherry cask, it has continued its metamorphosis in Cornwall and this time in a new bourbon cask. The whiskey builds on the foundations of the sherry-finished rye, softens the edges and adds classic bourbon cask notes to the fruity and spicy spirit, whist amplifying both its brown-sugar notes and rich golden colour.

Tasting notes might run something like this:
Berry jam and coconut lead, with vanilla cream and a bar of toffee. Freshly sliced rye bread and honey develop, joined by mint, tarragon and well-integrated spice.


50.5% vol