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Smuggled From Cornwall - Gin, Vodka & Rum Gift Pack 3 x 5cl


Smuggled from Cornwall is a unique collaboration between Cornwall’s oldest cider maker, Haye Farm and Cornwall’s first plough-to-bottle distillery, Colwith Farm Distillery.

Included in this gift pack are 3 x 5cl miniatures of their unique Cornish gin, vodka and rum

Gin: Made using cider and apples from Haye Farm, possibly the world’s oldest cider maker. Their master distiller uses botanicals found on both Haye and Colwith farms, as well as further afield, to give a classic juniper led dry gin with hints of apple, citrus and spice. 42% vol.

Vodka: Produced from the finest Cornish potatoes and distilled in tiny batches, SFC's vodka is gently filtered then blended with the purest Cornish mineral water. Very smooth and creamy, this is a vodka that can be enjoyed neat on the rocks or as part of your favourite cocktail. 40% vol.

Rum: Pot-distilled and aged in oak barrels for seven years in the tropical and sunny Caribbean before being smuggled to Cornwall where it rests in Haye Farm Cider barrels. It is then blended with the purest Cornish mineral water. The result is rich and golden coloured and silky-smooth to the taste. 41% vol.