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Cape Cornwall Rum Co - Spiced Rum 70cl


A premium Spiced Rum from the Cape Cornwall Rum Company on the Bollowal family farm located just north of Land's End. It is based on their golden, cask aged Caribbean rum but expertly blended with spring water sourced at Cape Cornwall and infused over time with a variety of spices, including vanilla, nutmeg and Cornish saffron, to give it a unique Cornish twist.

40% vol

The Cape Cornwall Rum Company is run by Jack Shannon & Harvey Thomas. The story goes that in 1925, Harvey’s great great grandfather was surprised to discover bottles of alcohol mysteriously built into the walls of his farm cottage. Legend has it that to avoid high government taxes, rum and other goods were often smuggled into Cape Cornwall by boat and stored in a farm building known as “the Wink”. Jack & Harvey now use the very same building to lovingly age, mix, spice and bottle their specialist rums.