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Cornish Pork Chump or Loin Steak


Price per kg: £13.44

240g (8.5oz)

Lean, meaty, boneless steaks cut from the chump or loin, these are the pork equivalent of beef rump steak. Packed full of flavour, these pork steaks are ideal to marinade and cook on the barbecue, but can also be grilled, baked or slow-cooked in a casserole.

All our pork is sourced from Cornish farms and is Red Tractor Assured.

Please Note: Our skilled butchery team will endeavour to fulfil your order as close to your chosen weight as possible but you will always receive your selected weight as a minimum.

Cooking / Recipes

For a comprehensive pork steak guide, which includes cooking tips and recipes, try the AHDB Love Pork 'How to guide: Pork Steaks' page.