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Cornish Hand of Pork - Bone In


Price per kg: £3.50

Hand of Pork is a cut from the lower part of the shoulder, without the shoulder blade, and is sometimes called 'shoulder on the bone'. The inclusion of the bone gives an additional depth of flavour. It is most suited to slow cooking, usually slow roasting, but it can also be braised or simmered. This inexpensive joint is ideal for pulled pork and can give meltingly tender meat with excellent flavour after long, slow cooking. It is difficult to carve, so cooking until it falls off the bone saves a lot of effort.

If a recipe mentions 'hand and spring of pork', the 'spring' part is the knuckle section of the shoulder joint which is not present in this particular cut.


All our pork is sourced from Cornish farms and is Red Tractor Assured.

Please Note: Our skilled butchery team will endeavour to fulfil your order as close to your chosen weight as possible but, owing to the nature of the product, the actual weight may vary slightly from that selected. You will only be charged for the actual weight you receive and payment will not be taken from your account until your items are ready to be shipped.

Cooking / Recipes

For a selection of hand of pork (pork shoulder) recipes, try the BBC Good Food Pork Shoulder recipes page.

For a true slow roasted pork shoulder recipe, try Jamie Oliver's 6-Hour Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder.