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Cheese - Keltic Gold


Price per kg: £48.70

Keltic Gold is a very distinctive rind washed cheese from Sue Proudfoot of Whaleborough Cheese near Bude and is similar to some of the French Alpine cheese varieties. All washed-rind cheeses can be a little pungent, and this is no exception, but although it may smell dangerous this cheese has a beautiful, fully rounded sweet flavour with a smooth and creamy texture. Pure gold for the palate.

Pasteurised, vegetarian

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The Story

All washed-rind cheeses go through a similar process during maturation. In Keltic Gold’s case, each cheese is dipped and scrubbed with local cider three times a week, which gives the cheese its appley overtones and characteristic edible orange rind. Washing in this way makes the rind much more conducive to bacteria that thrive in salty conditions and it is this unique bacterial flora that gives the cheese an orange-red hue to the rind, and its pungent smell. It’s well worth the risk to your nose.