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Wrecking Coast Distillery - Heli-Gin 70cl


There aren't many gins that are made with helicopters in mind, but The Wrecking Coast Distillery's Helio-Gin benefits one type and celebrates another. The former is the life saving helicopter of the Cornwall Air Ambulance service. The latter are the twirling winged seeds of the Sycamore tree. The gin’s botanicals are a balance of spicy and citrusy, with sycamore bark adding a dark and earthy dimension to the mix. Every bottle of Heli-Gin is not only full of tasty gin, but also includes a donation to the Cornish Air Ambulance, helping them fly more than 800 missions a year.

A grassy, herbal gin that balances out the sweetness of tonic water to create a leafy, spicy and complex G&T, and helps an excellent cause with every glass.

40% vol

A donation is made by Wrecking Coast Distillery to the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust for every bottle sold.
Registered Charity No. 1133295
Company No. 07085879

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