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Fowey Valley - Sparkling Vintage Cider 75cl


The high proportion of dessert apples used in the mix is what gives Fowey Valley's Sparkling Vintage Cider its true 'méthode traditionelle' taste.

Based close to the River Fowey in Lostwithiel, Fowey Valley only use fresh apples from their own orchard and others close by, and nothing else. After pressing, the juice is fermented twice. In the barrel for the first year, followed by a second year's fermentation in the bottle. It is this secondary fermentation that gives their cider its wonderful bubbly effervescence; a method invented in the West Country for fine cider making around 1600, well before it was used in France for Champagne. Then, after the sediment is disgorged in the champagne style, the bottle is given a small amount of sugar to sweeten to Brut level and topped up to the full 750ml. Finally the cork is inserted, a wire cage put around it to hold it in place and the bottle is left for a few weeks before its release for sale.

7.5% Vol

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