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Cheese - Cornish Jack


Price per kg: £38.35

Cornish Jack is Cornwall’s version of Swiss Emmental and is made by the artisan cheesemaking duo, Lawrence and Rosea Reynolds of the Padstow Cheese Company, using milk from the local Twethithen Dairy. It is a pasteurised cheese with a mildly sweet and nutty flavour. Matured for between 4 to 6 months, the curd develops irregular holes which are in fact bubbles of carbon dioxide and which develop, along with the flavour, as the cheese matures. The longer it matures, the more pronounced the flavour and the size of the holes.

Pasteurised, not vegetarian.

Please Note: Our skilled Deli staff will endeavour to fulfil your order as close to your chosen weight as possible. The final weight may vary a little from that, but you will always receive your selected weight as a minimum.

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