It’s Harvest Time!

It’s harvest time here on the farm! Harvesting wheat isn’t always straight-forward – it requires good timing and a great deal of vigilance! The Moisture level of the wheat is a critical factor when considering whether the wheat is ready to harvest. You may have seen in the news that many farmers have been unable to start harvesting their crop due to the torrential rain over the last month. Unlike the South East, we don’t get the hot weather. Therefore, they are able to start their harvest slightly earlier.

However, today the farmers here were busy in the combiners making their way through the crop. I was hoping to get some lovely summery pictures with a warm back-light – didn’t happen! The clouds quickly engulfed any sign of sunlight!

I’m sure you are all familiar with what a combine harvester looks like. These fantastic bits of machinery separate the grain from the straw in a combination of three tasks (hence the name ‘combine’). These tasks include reaping, binding and threshing – this enables the head of the grain to be loosened from the shaft. The grain produced is then taken away for storage. Some is stored here on the brothers farms and some of it is stored at Kernow Grain near Bodmin.┬áMost of the wheat produced here in the South West is used for animal feed. The straw is used to bed the animals during those chilly winter months!