Our shop contains a wide range of produce – meat counter, cheese counter, deli counter, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, bread and cakes, soft drinks, local wines and beers, local preserves, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, smoked fish, frozen goods (including our own pies and homemade dishes), store cupboard essentials and many other items. We also put together hampers to your specific order for those special occasions where only the best in quality goods will suffice! If you know we sell a certain product but it isn’t on our website – just let us know – we may still be able to send it to you.


In the farm shop and on our website you are able to buy the food produced
on our own three farms – Corran Farm, Lower Kestle Farm and Higher Kestle Farm and other local meat producers. Our beef and lamb is fully traceable, having spent all its life on our farm.

We are farm assured by:

FABBL – Farm Assured British Beef & Lamb

The FABBL Assurance Scheme inspect us annually to ensure we are rearing and growing our crops to a very high standard.

The majority of the animals that we raise on our home farms are traditional local breeds for example -the South Devon beef cattle – this is the largest of the native British cattle breeds and is well known for its maternal and beef qualities. We also raise Polled Dorset sheep – they are an all-white, medium-sized sheep, prolific and able to breed out of season. This fact makes it a suitable breed for us to raise in order that we can supply the farm shop with a steady supply of home bred and reared lamb and mutton all the year around.

All of our animals are free range, non-intensive and grass fed. Their diet is supplemented by our own home grown feeds, with the protein content derived from our lupin crop. All feed is guaranteed to be a non-genetically modified source of protein.


The pork we supply at our shop all comes from Cornish farms that are located as close to the shop as we can source.


Most of the beef we supply comes from animals born on our farm (subject to availability). From our South Devon and Limousin suckler cows. All the feed eaten by these animals is grown on the farm. Barley and grass are supplemented with protein from our homegrown lupins.

The health of our animals is of a high standard and we ensure the animals have the five freedoms endorsed by the RSPCA: freedom from hunger, thirst, pain, fear and freedom of movement.


Our lambs are born on the farm and have been reared on grass and ewes milk, receiving only small amounts of homegrown supplementary feed. This traditional feeding system gives the meat succulence and flavour, lacking from intensive production systems. We have received many letters of appreciation of our lamb.

If you’d like to learn more about our traditional, non-intensive method of farming, please click here. 


We offer a great range of fresh vegetables – some of which we grow here on the farm. The vegetables are cut daily and delivered to the farm shop – you can’t get fresher than that!

It is so fresh it’s still
wet with the morning dew.

The vegetables that we grow include: Cauliflower, Romanesque, Cabbages, Curly Kale, Cavolo Nero (Black Kale), Leeks, Swede, Red Cabbage, Celeriac, Sprouts, Broccoli, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Chard, Beetroot Bunches, Spinach & Parsley. If you’re looking for quality, fresh produce then be sure to visit us for your weekly shop!