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Minced steak Beef 5.36 per kg

Miss Muffet 5.78 per 250g

Miss Muffet 33.73 per whole cheese

Ox Tail 13.35 per kg

Partridge brace 7.49 per brace

Pheasant - Brace of 6.99 2 birds

Pheasant - single bird 3.62 per bird

Pheasant breast 17.23 per kg

Pig - Half 113.70 per half pig

Pig - Whole 204.66 per pig

Pigs in Blankets 7.50 per kg

Pork Belly Slices 5.28 per kg

Pork burgers x 4 3.40 per pack

Pork burgers x 4 3.40 per pack

Pork Chipolatas 7.50 per kg

Pork Sausage Meat 7.50 per kg

Pork Sausages 5.79 per kg

Pork Steak 7.50 per kg

Pork Tenderloin 10.96 per kg

Pot Roast beef 9.45 per kg

Rolled Brisket beef 6.95 per kg

Rolled Rib beef 20.89 per kg

Rolled Sirloin beef 24.98 per kg

Rolled Topside beef 11.85 per kg

SHARPS Chalky's Bite 330ml 3.29 per bottle

Shin beef 5.86 per kg

Silverside beef 11.55 per kg

SISLEYS Cornish chutney 3.89 per jar

Skirt - beef 10.80 per kg

SMP Pickled eggs 700g 6.79 per jar

SMP Pickled onions 450g 3.75 per jar

Spare rib pork chops 5.97 per kg

St Endellion Brie 23.10 per whole cheese

St Endellion Brie 5.50 per 250g

Tea Hamper 33.01 each

The Cornish Selection 35.98 per hamper

The Heligan Cheese Hamper 37.78 per cheese box

The Heligan Cheese Selection 32.63 per cheese box

The St Ewe Cheese Hamper 33.57 per cheese box

The St Ewe Cheese Selection 28.42 per cheese box

Top Rump beef 13.05 per kg

Trelawny 6.13 per 250g

Trelawny 33.81 per whole cheese

Veal Escalopes 24.40 per kg

Venison best end 13.11 per kg

Venison boneless loin 16.68 per kg

Venison Diced 6.72 per kg

Venison Haunch 9.68 per kg

Venison medallion 11.82 per kg

Venison neck fillet 8.62 per kg

Venison Sausages 10.76 per kg

Venison Steaks 14.03 per kg

West Country Hamper 50.27 per hamper

WHB Black Pearl stout 500ml 2.99 per bottle

WHB Cornish Mutiny ale 500ml 2.99 per bottle

WHB Gift box 9.99 per pack

Whole Brisket beef 8.25 per kg

Whole Topside beef 30.75 approx per 3kg joint

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