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1 bottle jute bag 1.99 each

2 bottle jute bag 3.09 each

A Treat for Her 46.57 per hamper

A Treat for Him 32.12 per hamper

Afterburn cheddar cheese 4.20 per 250g

B B Q Hamper 28.50 each

Beef - winter warmer pack 8.65 per pack

Beef burgers x 4 3.00 per pack

Beef burgers x 4 3.00 per pack

Belly Pork Joints 3.76 per kg

Best End Brisket beef 12.35 per kg

Black pudding 5.40 per kg

Bone In Leg of Pork 5.97 per kg

Boneless Leg of Pork 7.40 per kg

Braising Steak - beef 10.80 per kg

Breakfast Hamper 33.50 each

CHERRY TREE Lemon Curd 4.59 per jar

Chicken - free range 6.61 per kg

Chilli willi coated beef 11.11 per kg

Chuck Steak beef 10.50 per kg

Chuck Steak beef - diced 10.25 per kg

Coated pork steaks 8.86 per kg

Cocktail Pork Sausages 6.72 per kg

Cornish Back Bacon 10.29 per kg

Cornish Blue 6.25 per 250g

Cornish Brie 18.15 per whole cheese

Cornish Brie 4.78 per 250g

Cornish Camembert 3.99 each

Cornish cooked ham 10.90 per kg

Cornish Crumbly cheese 25.30 per kg

Cornish Lust 10cl 3.99 per bottle

Cornish Lust 70cl 18.99 per bottle

Cornish Nettle Yarg 5.60 per 250g

Cornish smoked ham 10.90 per kg

Cornish Streaky Bacon 9.03 per kg

Devon Blue 5.95 per 250g

Devon cut comb honey 7.55 per pack

Diced Pork 6.89 per kg

Dorset blue vinny cheese 5.08 per 250g

Extra lean minced beef 8.55 per kg

Fillet beef - Whole 40.20 per kg

Gift hamper 1 13.39 per hamper

Gift hamper 2 13.78 per hamper

Gift hamper 3 13.83 per hamper

Gift hamper 4 11.42 per hamper

Guinea Fowl 11.13 approx price per bird

HALZEPHRON Amalfi dressing 5.25 per bottle

Hand of Pork 2.50 per kg

Jute bag - small 2.99 each

Keltic Gold 9.73 per 250g

Lamb - Double Lamb Chops 14.89 per kg

Lamb - Leg of Lamb 12.29 per kg

Lamb - LOBBS whole lamb 193.20 per whole lamb

Lamb - Minted lamb chops 18.00 per kg

Lamb - Minted lamb chops 18.00 per kg

Lamb and Mint Sausages 7.69 per kg

Lamb burgers x 4 4.99 per pack

Lamb burgers x 4 4.99 per pack

Lamb Chump Steaks 20.15 per kg

Lamb diced 8.55 per kg

Lamb leg Steaks 20.19 per kg

Lamb Loin Chops 14.89 per kg

Lamb mince 8.55 per kg

Lamb Neck Fillet 12.09 per kg

Lamb Noisette 23.25 per kg

Lamb Shanks 10.49 per kg

LOBBS apron 10.99 each

LOBBS Beef lasagne 5.09 each

LOBBS beetroot jelly 3.99 per jar

LOBBS Cooked Tongue 11.00 per kg

LOBBS Cottage pie 4.09 each

LOBBS Sweatshirt 17.60 each

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