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Lobbs Farm Shop at Heligan is a Cornish business retailing the best food from the countryside. We are three farming brothers, Terry, Ian and Richard Lobb, and each have a farm supplying beef, lamb and fresh vegetables direct to Lobbs Farm Shop. Our own beef and lamb are born and raised on the farm where the animals graze our traditional pastures and meadows.

We aim to produce and sell quality food with a known provenance that you can eat with confidence. Please do choose Lobbs for your Cornish and West Country food.
Seasonal Selection from Lobbs Farm Shop ... October 25,

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Lamb - Half Kestle Lamb Traditional - Cut : Meat - Cornish Lamb
The St Ewe Cheese Selection : Cheese - Cornish Cheese Box
Trelawny : Cheese - Cornish Cheese
Lobbs Farm Shop gift voucher : Cornish Hampers - Gift Hampers
Pork with Cracked Black Pepper - Award- Winning : Meat - Cornish sausages & bacon
TRENANCE 6 luxury hand-made chocolates : Sweets & Snacks - Chocolate & fudge
WHB Gift box : Jars & Bottles - Alcohol
TRACKLEMENTS onion marmalade 345g : Jars & Bottles - Chutneys, dressings & pickles
HALZEPHRON Cornish Herb dressing 250ml : Jars & Bottles - Chutneys, dressings & pickles
Cornish cooked ham : Deli - cooked meats
SIMPLY CORNISH cold pressed rapeseed oil 500ml : Jars & Bottles - Oils & Marinades
STOKES real tomato ketchup : Jars & Bottles - Chutneys, dressings & pickles
SHROPSHIRE SPICE Co Bread sauce mix : Misc - Herbs & spices
SHROPSHIRE SPICE Co Wild sage & roast onion stuffing : Misc - Herbs & spices
Duchy Smokehouse 100g Smoked Salmon
Lobbs home-reared beef selection box : Meat - Cornish Beef
LOBBS Pork pies - large : Lobbs homemade - Savoury pies
LOBBS Ham & egg pie - 10" round : Lobbs homemade - Savoury pies
Vulscombe goats cheese : Cheese - Cornish Cheese
Afterburn cheddar cheese : Cheese - Cornish Cheese
Pork burgers x 4 : Meat - Cornish sausages & bacon
Beef burgers x 4 : Meat - BBQ
Lamb - Minted lamb chops : Meat - BBQ
RODDAS clotted cream 227g/8oz : Deli - dairy
This years vegetable field with anti pest fleece
Autumn 2015

News from the farm

It has been a challenging autumn; with such a wet August our combining dragged on into September. Our wheat and barley crop yields were good this year but, as is often the case, the price is low making the crop unprofitable this year. The dramatic swings in price (by nearly minus 40% over 2 years) are out of our control, due to food politics and the oversupply of wheat and barley from good harvests around the world. I have chosen to store my crops and hope that the price increases as the winter progresses. It is a gamble and difficult to know the optimum time to sell the crop.
We have brought our rams in to see the ewes in preparation for lambs to be born in the spring. We have three rams at Lower Kestle Farm and one ram serves around forty ewes. We also have a special ram called "The Teaser": a castrated male sheep who is introduced to the flock of ewes. His main purpose is... well let's just say to 'entertain and amuse' these ewes so when they meet the real ram they will quickly conceive, producing a tighter lambing period. A few specialists also contend that the number of lambs conceived is also improved.

The autumn flock is now lambing and these ewes were scanned in August with predicted lambing of 1.65 lambs per ewe (that's an average if you were wondering, not 3 legged lambs!). This could be potentially one of the best lamb crops for several years; the challenge for us on the farm is to care for these ewes and lambs to realise this potential. The grass appears to have grown well during September and even October which will give these lambs a great start.
The vegetable field has been producing some lovely cauliflowers, cabbages and leeks which you will have seen at the shop. Many vegetable growers are concerned that the warm autumn which has encouraged the crops to be quite forward will result in a deficit later in the year as all of the varieties seem to be coming to harvest together rather than in a cycle of varieties each month throughout the winter. We do have brussel sprouts which we are harvesting now and we hope to have them available throughout December provided the weather allows.

I recently hosted a Tregony primary school visit - the theme was harvest. The 5 year olds really enjoyed walking across the muddy vegetable field and helping to pull the swedes and leeks out of the ground and to cut the cauliflowers and cabbages. We put all of the vegetables into a big tray which they took back with them to school. The children also visited the lambing shed where they ate their snack seated on straw bales. I took the opportunity to talk to them about our ewes, lambs and the food the animals eat during the year. I held a two day old lamb in my hands giving the children the chance to touch and feel the wool.
The class teacher has just sent me a lovely letter of thanks with individual letters from the children and drawings of the sheep - super. It is a pleasure to host these free visits. I just hope the parents remember when it comes to buying their meat and food requirements that Lobbs Farm Shop is a caring community shop selling quality local food.

News from the farm shop

We are now taking Christmas orders at our butchery and delicatessen counters. Please ask our assistants to take your order for collection before Christmas. We have a good system where we take the order and you receive a document which identifies the order and the day of collection. Please bring the document back with you when you collect your goods.

We have the Lobbs Farm Shop 2016 calendar which we give out free with each order. In the calendar will be the 2016 February and November 10% discount vouchers – valid for one transaction.

Here are a few good ideas to make your Christmas that little bit easier; why not…..
Have a pack of Lobbs' frozen beef cocktail pasties in your freezer ready to take out when those unexpected guests arrive and you want to give them something special to nibble on. They only take 40 minutes to cook from frozen and are delicious.
Get in a jar of special chutney such as Sisley’s Cornish chutney or Homecraft’s Tinners choice; just the job to spice up the cold meat and leftovers and great in a turkey sandwich.

Why not get a pack of different stuffing mix to go with the Christmas dinner. I always enjoy the stuffing with the turkey and it makes the meal stretch over a larger number. There are lots of varieties including the cranberry, orange and roast chestnut or the sage, lemon and chestnut. The stuffing’s are in the wooden cabinet to the right of the butchery counter.
Get your chosen curry sauce in stock now to cook up the meat leftovers. Our Madhuban curry mixes are really good and are found in the chill cabinet above the gammons and milk.

Another goody with leftover meat is a coronation sauce to make a sandwich with a bit of zing. Stokes makes a great coronation sauce and several variations of tomato sauce.

Piccalilli, Piccalilli. Piccalilli. Piccalilli. Yes we have four different makes of Piccalilli - get one for your store cupboard.

We have several different ingredients for you to make the alternative salad for the season: tricolour cous cous, green wheat freekeh, long wheat rice, short grain rice, basmati rice, Arborio rice, dried fruits, golden raisins, lentils, mixed beans.
I am not much of a cook but I quite like the sound of green wheat freekeh.

Apparently it is wheat harvested whilst still young and green, preserving the grain by roasting and drying, optimising the taste and nutritional value of the cereal and it is one of the super foods for 2015 being high in fibre and low in carbohydrates. Try typing freekeh into the internet; there are several interesting recipes using green wheat freekeh instead of rice.

Well hung beef
The butchers are preparing the meat and our cold room is now full of beef carcases being hung prior to cutting to your Christmas requirements. To have the best beef it is important that the carcase is well hung and butchered by artisan butchers who know which bit of fat and sinew to cut out and how to cut the joints to their best. Supermarket beef will not be prepared to the same standard as the guys working in the factory are on a tight time pressure to get the meat into a pack as soon as possible. Please do talk to our butchers and ask for your exact requirements - Phil who is the tall one with the “funny” jokes, Lesley who is the lovely lady butcher, John who is Lesley’s dad and Ross who is the young gun keen to help. We will also have Helen, Julie, and Ellie, our team of ladies, happy to help serve you with your meat. This year we will also have Grace, Lesley’s daughter and Lauren, Phil’s daughter helping to make pigs in blankets and assisting the butchers wherever needed; a real family shop.

Christmas shopping nights
Christmas late night shopping nights at Lobbs Farm Shop and The Lost Gardens of Heligan are Monday the 7th and the 14th of December. We will be open until 9:00pm with some of our suppliers here offering tasters for you to try plus mulled apple juice & our own homemade mince pies.

You can order Lobbs' beef & lamb, Cornish pork, our own homemade sausages including pigs in blankets not forgetting the stuffing from the butchery counter, any combination of cheeses, salads and pies from our delicatessen counter or bread, cakes & vegetables at the tills. Just ask a member of staff – we’ll do the rest.

Now is the time to place your perfect Christmas order but please remember availability is limited so do make your order to give us an opportunity to fulfil your requirements. When you collect your Christmas orders we will also include a Lobbs' 2016 Charity Photo Calendar with discount vouchers for next February and November 2016.

Contactless payments & cashback facility
We are now able to accept payments by contactless debit card transactions (for purchases of £30.00 or under) and offer a cash back facility at the tills (maximum of £50.00) when paying by debit card which is a great benefit as the banks appear to be closing lots of their branches making cash difficult to obtain.

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