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Lobbs Farm Shop at Heligan is a Cornish business retailing the best food from the countryside. We are three farming brothers, Terry, Ian and Richard Lobb, and each have a farm supplying beef, lamb and fresh vegetables direct to Lobbs Farm Shop. Our own beef and lamb are born and raised on the farm where the animals graze our traditional pastures and meadows.

We aim to produce and sell quality food with a known provenance that you can eat with confidence. Please do choose Lobbs for your Cornish and West Country food.
Seasonal Selection from Lobbs Farm Shop ... August 5,

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Half Kestle Lamb Traditonal - Cut : Meat > Cornish Lamb
Lobbs Farm Shop gift voucher : Cornish Hampers > Gift Hampers
TRENANCE 6 luxury hand-made chocolates : Sweets & Snacks > Chocolate & fudge
LOBBS Hogs Pudding - homemade : Deli > cooked meats
Cornish Crumbly cheese 250g : Cheese > Cornish Cheese
wild dressed rabbit : Meat > Cornish Poultry & Game
Cornish cooked ham : Deli > cooked meats
SIMPLY CORNISH cold pressed rapeseed oil 500ml : Jars & Bottles > Oils & Marinades
STOKES real tomato ketchup : Jars & Bottles > Chutneys, dressings & pickles
CORNISH ORCHARDS alcoholic Ginger Beer : Jars & Bottles > Alcohol
Lobbs home-reared beef selection box : Meat > Cornish Beef
Faggots - Lobbs homemade : Meat > Cornish Pork
LOBBS Pork pies - large : Lobbs homemade > Savoury pies
Godminster organic cheddar 250g : Cheese > Cornish Cheese
Beef burgers x 4 : Meat > Cornish sausages & bacon
Lamb - BBQ minted lamb steaks : Meat > BBQ
RODDAS clotted cream 227g/8oz : Deli > dairy
The first calf born in 2015
Winter 2015 Newsletter

Well what a difference this winter is to last year: less torrential rain and at the moment a run of very cold days which we do not often experience in Cornwall. The sheep are lambing at the moment and it is surprising how well the young lambs manage in the cold weather. As long as we feed the ewes well, which ensures the ewe produces plenty of milk, then the lambs normally thrive. We try to keep the ewe and lamb in the shed until the lambs are 3 to 4 days old; it always amazes me how quickly a small new born lamb can grow into a speedy bouncing and prancing bundle in just a few days. It is a real joy to see the lambs group themselves together and then in a flash run across the field for no apparent reason, just for the joy of life.
The cattle are all in the shed except for one of my bulls; he is outside in a field adjacent to the yard where he receives silage and rolled barley every day. I have put him outside as it is difficult with two bulls to keep them apart from each other and importantly the young heifers. I want to decide when the heifers go to the bull and not when he decides!

The first calf was born yesterday from a young heifer so she is now a cow and enters the herd. It is extremely important to make sure that the young calf, or lamb for that matter, have an adequate intake of colostrum in the first few hours of life. The colostrum can transfer vital immunities for many diseases and is nutritionally essential to the young animal. The cows, although normally very placid creatures, can get quite protective of their offspring immediately after calving when their hormones are out of balance, so we try to keep well out of their way if at all possible. Ideally we see the first signs of calving and have time to put the expectant cow into an individual pen prior to calving but often the cow will calve overnight and the first sign is a calf in the group pen.
The winter cauliflowers are affected by the cold frosts and any that are suitable for harvest can be damaged by the frost. If the weather is severe it can totally decimate the crop which can then lead to shortages and cause the prices to fluctuate. Conversely it has always been said that the flavour of a swede or, as the Cornish say, a turnip is much better after a good frost. Well now is the time to find out. We do have a lovely lot of winter turnips this year and they are excellent in stews, casseroles, pasties and of course with a roast Please do try one soon; this is the season for swedes.

Please please do bring in your discount vouchers for February. These were on the Lobbs Farm Shop 2015 calendar.

There are a few new products in the shop one of which is the range of bake tins; these pretty triangular tins contain all the ingredients required and a recipe guide to make either brown sugar shortbread or chocolate dipped cookie dough balls. This is a great idea as a present for a relation that has a burgeoning or a latent maybe undeveloped interest in baking!

Our own made Lobbs Farm Shop kitchen range has also been extended with the addition of a shepherd’s pie containing lamb mince. Our cooks are also making a moussaka which is one of my favourite dishes and always reminds me of my holiday to Rhodes - yum! Both of these dishes are available in the small or large trays.

In the freezers we are also stocking the Chapman’s range of fish including chunky cod fillets and haddock fillets; both are skinless and boneless. There are also packs of large peeled prawns already cooked, peeled and ready to use in a prawn cocktail, pie, salad or with a sauce such as the Home Farm hoisin & chilli or a Home Farm stir fry lemon sauce.

The butchers have a couple of new sauces to go with our own meat. One of these is the black bean sauce which is a Chinese style sauce good with the meat of your choice. We also tried the honey and mustard sauce with chicken which we all thought was absolutely lovely. There is also a beef stroganoff sauce and finally the grand veneur sauce which goes with game meats and vegetables. We really liked these meat and sauce dishes. I can recommend these to you; please do try, especially the honey and mustard which is really good - yum yum!

Last week a few of our team had a go at making pasties as a group activity in our Countryside Barn. Obviously using the best ingredients from Lobbs Farm Shop; Lobbs home produced diced beef skirt (considered the best cut to use for pasties), Cornish sliced potato, Lobbs homegrown sliced swede, English sliced onion & seasoning. Phil, our butchery manager, brought along his daughter to have a go too. It is great to do this with family and friends so that the traditions of pasty making are passed from one generation to the next. The pasty is an important part of our heritage and also a very tasty meal for us all to enjoy whether at home or on a picnic. A good time was had by all – with our thanks to Anne for sharing her enthusiasm & encouragement. Well done!

We do occasionally receive comments back from our customers and these are most welcome as we need feedback to keep us on our toes and improve where we have gone wrong so THANK YOU for the comments. A very complimentary comment was received recently from a customer who had bought some mutton.

His comments were:
“Mutton is a truly understated meat: tender, tasty and when cooked very slowly is really good. Mine was a large shoulder which fed 10 people, roasted with merguez spices rubbed in and marinated overnight .The spices are a mixture: coriander, cumin, fennel, cinnamon, smoked paprika, garlic and rosemary. Cooked for 7 hours on low. Fantastic.” Richard from Polmassick.
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